जुलाई 23, 2011

Insight on faith

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Faith is man’s response to God’s initiative…
To realize that faith is your response to something God does or says, will take pressure off you and enable you to adopt a more constructive attitude to it. Do not look inside yourself and ask, “How much faith do I have?” Look to God and ask, “What is he saying to me? What would he have me do?” When Jesus praised the great faith of different men and women in the gospels, he was not praising a mystical inner state. He was usually commenting on a concrete action by which someone responded to him…
Once you understand this you will also begin to see why the amount of faith you have is a less crucial issue than you might have thought. The saying of Jesus about the grain of mustard seed begins to make sense…
How much faith did Martha need to get Lazarus back from the dead? Precious little (Jn 11:38-40). If we are to go by mystical inner states, every evidence points to Martha having no faith at all. No, what she needed (and what she had) was enough faith to give orders for the tombstone to be moved, in spite of the doubts she felt. And Lazarus was raised from the dead…
Faith then is your decision to respond to God’s word. The decision may either manifest itself in some outward action or else in what we might call an “interior action” like the committing of your eternal destiny into the hands of Christ. In time the decision grows into an attitude, an attitude of always being ready to respond positively to God’s word.

John White.


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