नवम्बर 16, 2011

Materialistic Mindset

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We all know how subtle the materialistic temptations are and how convincing the rationalizations. Only by God’s grace and with great effort can we escape the shower of luxuries which has almost suffocated our compassion. All of us face this problem. In all honesty we have to ask ourselves: Dare we care at all about current fashions if that means reducing our ability to help hungry neighbors? Dare we care more about obtaining a secure economic future for our family than for living an uncompromisingly Christian lifestyle?…..We have been brainwashed to believe that bigger houses, more prosperous businesses, more luxurious gadgets, are worthy goals in life. As a result, we are caught in an absurd, materialistic spiral. The more we make, the more we think we need in order to live decently and respectably. Somehow we have to break this cycle because it makes us sin against our needy brothers and sisters and therefore, against our Lord. And it also destroys us. Sharing with others is the way to real joy.


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