मई 20, 2012

A note about forgiveness

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Our word “forgive” does not, as commonly used, give an adequate picture of this Greek word. We say that we have forgiven some one who has wronged us. By that we mean that any feeling of animosity we may have had, has changed to one of renewed friendliness and affection. We do not hold the wrong done us against the person anymore. But so far as the act itself is concerned, we cannot do anything about it. It has been done, and it cannot be removed from the one who committed the wrong. But this word aphiemi includes within its content of meaning, the act of dealing with the act of wrong doing in such a way that the sinner who appropriates the Lord jesus as Saviour, has his sins put away and in two ways. First, they are put away on a judicial basis by the out-poured blood of Christ. He paid the penalty the broken law required, and thus satisfied divine justice. Second, on the basis of that, God removes the guilt of that sin from the believing sinner and bestows a positive righteousness, Jesus Christ Himself, in whom this person stands justified forever. This is what is meant by Bible forgiveness in the case of God and a believing sinner.


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