सितम्बर 3, 2012

Idolatry–false worship

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Genesis 31:19 Rachel stole her fathers household gods, perhaps to receive blessings from them. Her husband Jacob was a believer in the God of his father Abraham and Isaac who had revealed Himself to Jacob in a dream and spoken to him directly. In Genesis 35 after God speaks to him, Jacob commands his household to get rid of the household and foreign gods, and cleanse themselves in order to prepare them to worship God who had revealed Himself to Jacob at Bethel and fulfilled the promises made.

Abram was living in an idolatrous land, Egypt was a land of many idols and many gods in the days of Moses. So is India, a land of many gods and many idols. But God called Abram to leave all that and follow Him. Because each god represented a different aspect of life it was common to worship many gods in order to get the maximum number of blessings. We need to get rid of idols in our lives or they will restrict or even ruin our faith. But what is an idol? It is not only a physical object that is worshiped but it is also anything that we give undue importance to before the true and living God. It could be money, work, success, or fame. We should get rid of anything that could stand between us and God. Worshiping the father in truth cannot happen if we keep idols in our hearts and homes. When God says to worship and believe in him, that isn’t so hard – he may be just one more god to add to the list. But when he said, “You shall have no other gods before me” that was difficult to accept. But if people don’t learn that the God who led them out of Egypt was the only true God, they could not be his people – no matter how faithfully they keep the other nine commandments. Thus God made this his first commandment and emphasized it more than the others. Today we can allow many things to  become gods to us. As mentioned earlier, money, wealth, status, sports, politicians, actors etc. can become gods with small ‘g’ when anyone concentrates too much on them for  personal identity. No one sets out with the intention of worshiping these things. But by the amount of time we devote to them they can grow to become gods that ultimately control our thoughts and energies. Letting God hold the central place in our lives keeps these things from turning into gods.

To worship is to serve – to give time to, spend money on, sacrifice to and for, to love.


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