सितम्बर 12, 2012


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“Good news”. The good news is such as should be expected from God, God-like good news. Hallelujah! The source of this good news is God. First, Paul says that God promised this good news by the writers of the Old Testament.

The gospel is not in principle a new thing, a subversion of the true religion as it has hitherto been known to the people of God. On the contrary, God promised it before, through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures. It is the fulfilment of hopes which God himself inspired. Secondly, this good news is (concerning) God’s Son, Jesus. He is the word of God that was made flesh, that is, entered into a new state or condition by assuming a human body and putting Himself under human limitations.

The son of God, so far as his human ancestry is concerned, comes from the line of David. This individual, comprising within His person two natures, that of deity and that of humanity, is declared to be the son of God. As respecting Christ’s earthly descent, he was born like other men. As respecting his divine essence, He was declared. This was required by his previous humiliation, and was accomplished by His resurrection which not only manifested or demonstrated what He was, but wrought a real transformation in His mode of being. The resurrection only declared Him to be what He truly was. It is Christ’s resurrection which demonstrates His deity after assuming humanity, but His resurrection viewed together with the resurrection of all the righteous, the resurrection of the latter being made possible by the former. Our resurrection is included and involved in the resurrection of our Lord. Because He lives, I will live also!


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