सितम्बर 17, 2012

A power of God

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What makes the gospel a power of God, or what is it that makes it effectual in the saving of a believing sinner?

Paul says, A righteousness of God in it is revealed. The righteousness revealed in the gospel is described as a righteousness of God. This means righteousness bestowed on man by God. The state of the justified man is due to God. The righteousness which becomes his is that which God declares to be righteousness and ascribes to him. Righteousness thus expresses the relation of being right into which God puts the man who believes. Thus the righteousness which the gospel offers the sinner is God’s own righteousness in which he will stand in right relation to Him forever. His guilt is taken away because borne by another on the cross, and a positive righteousness, Jesus Christ, is given him in grace. The righteousness of God that will damn a sinner for all eternity who rejects it, saves and keeps saved for all eternity. This righteousness is revealed in the good news of salvation.  The source of the bestowment of righteousness to man, that which is the medium or means whereby righteousness is given, is faith. Trust reposed in God’s grace in Christ, tranquillizes the soul and frees it from all guilt. The gospel reveals a righteousness of God which is bestowed on the principle of faith, and reveals this, not to the sinner who would desire to merit that righteousness by good works but receive it by faith.


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