नवम्बर 7, 2012

A Chrisitan’s relation to the law of Moses

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You are not under law, but under grace. To be under law is to be an unsaved person obligated to obey God’s law. But the law gives neither the desire nor the power to obey its precepts. Instead, it brings out sin all the more, because its very presence incites rebellion in the totally depraved nature of the individual. To be under grace is to be a Christian, who has had the power of the evil nature broken in his life so that he does not need to obey it anymore, and has been given the divine nature which gives him both the desire and the power to do God’s will. A Christian putting himself under law and thus failing to avail himself of the resources of grace is a defeated Christian. The evil nature in the Christian is the point through which Satan seeks to obtain control over him. The evil nature in a Christian can only be conquered as the believer cries “who shall deliver me?” and thus looks away from himself and self-dependence to the Lord Jesus and his power.

The law of God can have dominion over a person as long as he remains within the domain where the law has jurisdiction, namely, in his unsaved state. But when a believing sinner has been identified with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection, he has passed out of the realm where the law holds sway. He has ceased to be an unsaved person and has become a saved individual. He is made dead to the law and sin (evil nature) with Christ on the cross, thus discharging him from the law as a woman is discharged from the law which bound her to her husband while he lived. The believer is not under the law anymore, nor subject to it.


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