मई 6, 2013

Visit to Baroda

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Having to board the train at 8:05am at the local station to Baroda was a challenge right from the beginning of the journey. First we had to get to the station on time, there were no rickshaws waiting to take us. Being six of us we had to split into two parties. One group got a rickshaw and began to head to the station but the other got into the bus and reached the station. Then there was confusion how we were going to meet, running from one end of the platform to the other did not help find the first group. Thank God for cell phones nowadays. Both the groups were able to get in touch via cell phone and finally met on platform no. 4.



The train was in five minutes late. Once in the train we got to our reserved seats and found that they were already occupied by others whom we had to request that they let us have our seats. We managed to get some seats for an hour after which the non-reserved people had to be forced to give us our seats.

On reaching Baroda, we were helped to get to the house by a friend of the family. Then all the greetings took place. What a joy to visit relatives after 18 years! That evening the Lord enabled us to pray for them. It was the first time that I was being given knowledge of what was happening to the candidate being prayed for. The first one came for back pain and on laying my right hand on her shoulder, I felt the tingling she was feeling. Then we prayed for another who desired a touch from the Lord and again I felt a rush over my whole body – the same experience that was being given to the one prayed for. After that the third person to be prayed for had a pain in her right side, this too I felt in my right side. I asked this person if this was so and she confirmed it. Amazing! May the Lord continue to let me have the word of knowledge given to me when people come from prayer. Below is a picture of Dad, Shailendra and I.

We visited the nearby garden, the zoo where the lion and tiger was asleep. We also went to the bird enclosure and the tiger enclosure. We did not do any shopping. But were presented with gifts of clothing.

On the return journey, because I did not have the seat numbers written down I thought I would get it through the chart on the train but there was no print out. I phoned the rail enquiry and got the seat numbers, even that was a struggle because the information was not clearly spoken. Thank God we reached safely home and being very tired with the heat and travel had a bath and took a nap before dinner. Then prepared dinner and went to bed.


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