अप्रैल 28, 2014

How to obtain the knowledge of God?

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When a child is born, it does not know anything but it’s hunger for food, and anything uncomfortable. A child expresses through making sounds. Now how does a child know who is its mother and father but by constant interaction with the parents, and by association. By this means a child grows in identifying who the parents are, in knowledge about the parents, itself and the world around it, and understanding who it is and what is expected of it.
God is invisible, no one has ever seen God at any time, wrote John the apostle of Jesus. I have never seen him, have you? If I have never seen Him what can I say or know about Him? Barely anything worth anything. Still if I want to know Him, how?
The apostle Paul writes that through creation God has given us a testimony and information about Himself. His power and wisdom and plainly seen in creation. So the one who created all things is wise and powerful. Is that all there is to know? John the apostle who walked, talked, heard and touched Jesus said that the only begotten of the father who is in the bosom of the father, He has made Him known. Jesus came from the bosom of the father, so by his words, His life and his works I can come to know God. Even though I was not there when Jesus walked the paths of Israel, those who were eye-witnesses and his disciples, wrote for us. This record is found in the Bible. Besides this, only the holy spirit of God, can give us revelation at a deeper level and dimension. May He be pleased to do so. Jesus showed that the father has dominion over every manner of sickness and disease, demons and death itself; The father also has power over creation, Jesus walked on water, fed over five thousand with bread and fish. What is left is for you and me to receive this revelation and believe that this testimony is true.


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