जून 25, 2014

Ministry with my Nephew

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Josiah and I

With my nephew


My nephew Josiah, taught our house church about Christian community, and, the purposes of the church. This happened on two consecutive Sunday’s. On one Sunday, we heard about how God has planned for us to be in community and not be alone, so that we can love one another, pray for each other, and develop meaningful relationships with others in the body of Christ, that fulfils and satisfies.
On the next Sunday, He taught us why we attend each week. It is to worship God together, develop our spiritual disciplines, learn how to spread the good news. One of the tools that can be used to preach the gospel is the evangecube. Those who accepted the call to preach the gospel were prayed over.


praying over

Being empowerd


Touched by the power of God


Lord, send me


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