जुलाई 25, 2014

But God

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for all sinned and are falling short of the glory of God. Whoever commits sin commits lawlessness. What is sin? All lawlessness is sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar, and His word is not in us. For the subsistence pay which the sinful nature doles out is death.
God is constantly proving His own love to us, because while we were yet sinners, Christ in behalf of us died. Know that He was manifested to take away our sins. look! the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. This is where it happened, on the cross!

Behold! the lamb of God

Behold! the lamb of God

Do you not know that all we who were placed in Christ Jesus, in His death were placed? We were entombed with him through this being placed in His death. Herein is the key to your breakthrough over the sinful nature and bad habits. Meditate on it daily! This is the place to overcome the sinful nature, the world, and the devil. Our old unregenerate self was crucified once for all with Him in order that the physical body dominated by the sinful nature might be rendered inoperative with the result that no longer are we rendering a slave’s habitual obedience to the sinful nature, for the one who died once for all stands in the position of a permanent relationship of freedom from the sinful nature. We died once for all with Christ…

Christ delivered us by the payment of ransom from the curse of the law by becoming a curse in behalf of us, because it stands written, Accursed is everyone who is suspended upon a tree, in order that to the Gentiles the blessing of Abraham might come in Jesus Christ, to the end that the promise of the Spirit we [Jew and Gentile] might receive through faith. The time to receive the blessing is now.

Therefore, since the children share in common with one another blood and flesh, He himself also partook with them in the same, in order that through the aforementioned death He might render inoperative the one having the dominion of death, that is, the devil, and effect the release of those, as many as who by reason of fear of death through the entire course of their lives were held in bondage. We have to realize this, beloved of God.


मई 15, 2014

विजयी ख्रिस्त आणि ख्रिस्ती

ह्या जगामध्ये आमच्यावर अनेक प्रकारच्या परिक्षा येतात। परीक्षात आमचा खरा रंग दिसून येतो। एखादा बल्ब बनविल्या नंतर त्याचे परिक्षण केले जाते की, तो व्यवस्थित जळेल की नाही। ह्या प्रकारे प्रत्येक वस्तुचे बाजारात येण्या अगोदर परिक्षण केले जाते।
तुम्ही एखादी परिक्षण न केलेली व पास न झालेली वस्तु विकत घ्याल काय?
अशी स्वस्त वस्तु विकत घेतल्यावर पुढे त्याबद्दल पचताव करावा लागतो। ह्याच प्रकारे अनेकांनी सत्य सोडून देऊन, सोपे मार्ग निवडले आहेत। येशु, जो मनुष्यजातीचा तारणारा आहे, त्याची आम्हांकरीता परिक्षा घेतली गेली। मग तो परिक्षेत विजयी झाला काय?
आणि म्हणून जो कोणी त्याच्यावर विश्वास करेल, तो ही पराजित नाही, तर नेहमीच विजयी असेल।

अक्टूबर 14, 2012

On the word ‘Reconcile’

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Reconciled is katalasso, “to change, exchange,” hence to reconcile those in variance. The verb means primarily to exchange, and hence to change the relation of hostile parties into a relation of peace. It is used of both mutual and onesided enmity.
In the Christian sense, the change in the relation of God and man effected through Christ. This involves

  1. a movement of God toward man with a view to break down man’s hostility, to commend God’s love and holiness to him, and to convince him of the enormity and the consequence of sin. It is God who initiates this movement in the person and work of Jesus Christ. (Ro. 5:6, 8; II Cor. 5:18, 19; Eph. 1:6; I John 4:19). Hence the passive form of the verb here: we were made subjects of God’s reconciling act.
  2. a corresponding movement on man’s part toward God; yielding to the appeal of Christ’s self-sacrificing love, laying aside his enmity, renouncing his sin, and turning to God in faith and obedience.
  3. a consequent change of character in man: the covering, forgiving, cleansing of his sin; a thorough revolution in all his dispositions and principles.
  4. a corresponding change of relation on God’s part, that being removed which alone rendered Him hostile to man, so that God can now receive him into fellowship and let loose upon him all His fatherly love and grace (1 Jn 1:3, 7).

Thus there is complete reconciliation.

सितम्बर 24, 2009

वाचा – Covenant

वाचा बांधने के लिए दो जन का ज़रुरी है. एक आदमी दुसरा आदमी के साथ वाचा बांधता है और एक दुसरे को कुछ शर्त पूरा करने के लिए वादा करते है. वैसा ही प्रभु भी मनुष्य के साथ वाचा बांधा है. मनुष्यों और जीवित प्राणियों को जल प्रलय के द्वारा नही मारेगा, दुनिया मे पाप होकर भी. जैसा नूह का समय मे किया वैसा नही करोगे. नूह खरा आदमी था इसलिए वो जल प्रलय से बच गया. परमेश्वर न्यायी है और हमेशा चुप नहीं रहोगे. उसका कोप दुष्टता और दुष्ट लोगो पर आता है और आएगा. जो कोई अपना मन फिराएगा, जो पाप छोड देगा और प्रभु की सच्चाई पर चलोगे, जो विश्वास रखेगा प्रभु यीशु के नाम पर वो निश्चय मुक्ति पाएगा. आज पश्चाताप कर, आज विश्वास कर

वर्डप्रेस ( पर एक स्वतंत्र वेबसाइट या ब्लॉग बनाएँ .